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How do I maintain an aluminium veranda?

Entretien véranda alu

The verandas are made of high-quality, corrosion-resistant materials and solid glass, so they are designed to withstand the elements. However, they are designed to require as little maintenance as possible. Discover our tips for easy veranda maintenance.

If you follow these tips for maintaining your veranda, you can keep it in good condition for years to come!

General maintenance of a veranda.

An aluminium conservatory should not be cleaned with aggressive agents or tools to avoid damage to frames, glass and metal parts. Acids, abrasives, scouring pads, steel wool, knives/blades and other sharp tools should be avoided. This is because the materials used for your conservatory could easily be scratched. In addition, cleaning with a high pressure cleaner is not recommended. This could damage the rubber seals and even worse, the paint!

All moving parts should be checked and cleaned regularly to ensure that they are kept in good working order. It is not necessary to lubricate them with silicone oil. Drains should also be checked. Make sure that they are not obstructed or clogged.

Below we have listed the best type of cleaning solutions to use on the different parts of your veranda

What should I use to maintain the aluminium parts of a veranda?

In non-salted areas, aluminium parts should be cleaned at least once a year with clean water and a few drops of a neutral or low alkaline detergent. In salt water areas, we recommend that salt is removed regularly to stop corrosion of the frame. If unfortunately the sun has damaged the paint, use our aluminium paint renovator

How can I easily maintain the glass in my veranda?

We always recommend using pH-neutral cleaning products with plenty of clean water and a soft cloth. Do not hesitate to change the water regularly, this prevents any dirt from scratching the glass.

In addition, the use of a telescopic pole will help you to clean your veranda.

How to clean the roof of your veranda?

Mostly made of polycarbonate, the veranda roof is easy to clean. The products to use are already in your cupboards. You can find our complete guide to cleaning polycarbonate.

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