Aluminum undergoes various treatments to prevent it from becoming clogged quickly Among the latter, aluminium joinery is covered with an anodised or lacquered finish which aims to provide durability and shine.


The anodized finish reveals the natural texture of aluminum.

Anodizing is an electrolytic surface treatment that creates an oxide layer to protect aluminum against daily aggressions. Current technologies allow the thickness of this layer (expressed in microns) to vary depending on the nature of the final exposure of the product. Thus, this treatment makes it possible to strengthen the resistance of aluminum against scratches, corrosion, cold and heat.

Thermolacquering (or powder coating)

Powder coating, also called «thermolacquering» consists of a surface treatment whose objective is to protect the aluminum surface from physical impacts. It is a thin layer of paint in the form of a powder that is applied to the surface with an electrostatic gun.

The major advantage of this method is on the ecological point. The powder does not contain any solvent.

Why are my aluminium windows tarnishing?

Among the reasons that can lead to tarnishing or damage to the finish of aluminium joinery:

Once dirt and grime have become embedded in the paintwork of your carpentry, it is very difficult to remove them. The more the dirt is present, the more it creates a film of dirt that contributes to the general aging of the aluminum portal.

Remove dust and deposits

It is necessary to follow certain cleaning rules using products adapted to aluminum, as well as to know their maintenance frequency, on the assumption that a regularly cleaned aluminum gate will prevent premature aging.

Solutions for restoring colour to powder-coated aluminium

If the paint on your joinery is not too damaged, clear warm water mixed with a little PH neutral detergent will be sufficient. You should be able to restore your woodwork to its original appearance fairly quickly:

How to make your aluminium windows shine?

Please note that this product is primarily intended for joinery with a powder coating that has become dull. Under no circumstances should this method be used if the treatment is anodization.

The renovator restores the shine to your woodwork. This is much cheaper than calling in a craftsman to do a complete repaint or replacement.

Make sure the product is used on a clean surface (cleaned with water and detergent at neutral ph)

The application is done in a circular manner, by placing a small amount on a microfiber. A whitish deposit after a few minutes is formed and will then be removed with a clean cloth.

A whitish deposit after a few minutes is formed and will then be removed with a clean cloth.

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