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Aluminium or PVC windows: how to choose my joinery?

Like all materials, each type of frame has its advantages and disadvantages.

Aluminium or PVC windows: what are the differences?

Why choose PVC windows?

First of all, the main advantage of PVC windows is their thermal insulation properties. In addition, they are rot-proof and resistant to external influences. They are therefore perfectly suited to the seaside.

Another advantage is the ease of maintenance, as cleaning with soapy water once or twice a year is sufficient.

For this type of window, as the frames are wider, the glazed area is reduced, thus reducing the amount of light.

On the design side, there are a multitude of colours available and two types of finish: matt or glossy. Compared to aluminium windows, however, the choice is limited.

In this material, it is possible to find opening windows, sliding windows, etc.

Why choose aluminium windows?

Solid and waterproof, aluminium windows do not rust and are particularly resistant to the weather. Moreover, they do not require any specific maintenance. If you want to replace your aluminium windows for aesthetic reasons, I recommend this guide to restoring the paintwork on aluminium windows.

As the structure is thinner, the glazed area of the window is increased, which results in a significant gain in brightness.

Sliding windows can be up to 6 metres long, ideal for giving your home a contemporary look.

Increasingly appreciated for its lightness and undeniable aesthetics, aluminium can be used to produce very large sizes in many colours and finishes. For a two-tone window, i.e. on the same frame, the colours can be different, depending on whether you are inside or outside your home.

What is the price difference between aluminium and PVC windows?

PVC windows are the cheapest on the market. It is sometimes difficult to find your way around the prices.

It should be noted that for the first prices, the quality is often not there. It is not uncommon to see deformation of the material, discoloration or premature yellowing.

Aluminium windows are a more expensive material with a much higher quality that will last longer.

In addition, the aluminium can be renovated or repainted if required, using our renovator pack, available in the shop.

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