How to renovate a PVC window?

Dejuvenate a white PVC window

Like all plastics, PVC turns yellow over time. Your PVC joinery (windows, gates, doors, etc.) will lose the shine of the first days. With the help of the yellowed PVC window renovator, you can renovate a PVC window without having to call in a craftsman to change it. Here we have a real solution that can be applied quickly and easily in the event that your PVC windows are yellowed.

Renovating joinery: de-yellowing a PVC window

Using the PVC Renovator: Dejuvenating a PVC window

Test the surface for compatibility before use. The surface to be treated must be free of dust and grease. PVC joinery can be cleaned with clear water and soap or washing-up liquid. Wait for your PVC joinery to dry completely.

To de-yellow your windows, apply the PVC anti-yellowing renovator to a soft, lint-free cloth.

Then clean the surface with PVC joinery cleaner

Using PVC Cleaner: to protect your PVC joinery

Shake the PVC cleaner briefly before use on your woodwork. Place it on a soft, lint-free cloth and apply it to the treated area. Scrub the renovated area carefully.

Finally, rinse off any remaining traces with clean water.

You can find our video on YouTube and our renovation pack for yellowed PVC windows