Renovator yellowed PVC joinery


The PVC Renovator Pack allows to renovate the PVC joinery that has been yellowing over time.

Composed of two products, it eliminates yellowing, stains, and restores the shiny appearance of the first days.

The PVC Renovator: quickly eliminates yellowing caused by UV rays, environmental pollution, and incorrect cleaners.

The PVC cleaner: to be used after the renovator to protect and preserve the shine of the PVC.

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Strenghts of the PVC Renovator :
  • Renovates the yellowed PVC joineries.
  • Restores original shine
  • Suitable for all PVC joinery: doors, windows, gutters, gates, etc.

What the pack includes:

  • 1 250mL PVC Renovator (apply first)
  • 1 PVC 250mL cleaner (to be used after the renovator)

Watch the video on YouTube



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