How do you clean your windows without streaks and quickly?

Nettoyer des vitres sans traces

How can you wash the windows in your home or conservatory without streaks and without effort? What if I told you that you could also clean your tiles without using chemicals? Here are a few cleaning tips to restore the shine to your windows, tiles or bay windows.

Make your own window cleaner

White vinegar window cleaner

Do you dream of cleaning windows without streaks? You can make your own cleaner with a product that is sure to be in your home! And this is white vinegar for cleaning windows! The recipe is to mix 750mL of warm water with 250mL of white vinegar. With this natural cleaner, your windows will shine.

This solution is applied directly to the windows with a spray bottle and then simply wiped with a microfiber. There is no need to rinse with clean water.

Did you know that? Vinegar is a natural spider and fly repellent. Its smell keeps them away from the house

Cleaning windows with washing-up liquid and hot water

Another solution is to dilute dishwashing liquid in hot water. If desired, a touch of white vinegar can be added, but this is not mandatory. Rinse with clean water. It is useful to use a squeegee to remove excess water and then use a magnetic window absorber, more on this later in our article. By following this method, the windows are streak-free and clean!

Make your own natural window cleaner with blanc de meudon

To restore the shine to your windows and glasses, you can use blanc de meudon. The recipe is simple, just dilute half a glass of liquid Marseille soap with a glass of very hot water. Then you add 250 grams of blanc de Meudon to the solution.

The idea here is to rub the affected surface with a cloth soaked in homemade window cleaner. Unlike the first two solutions, you should not wipe directly but wait until the product has dried. Then polish with a microfiber and your windows will be back to their former glory!

Accessories for streak-free window cleaning

Newspaper: ideal for cleaning windows

Instead of throwing it away, use it to clean your windows. The advantage of using newspaper to clean your windows is that it leaves an invisible film on the glass. It will then protect and prevent dirt from accumulating too quickly.

However, newspaper that is too new should not be used. The ink will not be dry enough.

A magnetic absorber: ideal for drying your windows quickly

Say goodbye to the problem of streaks on your windows. Thanks to its high level of absorption, the magnetic absorber allows, as its name suggests, to remove the remaining water. Made of microfibres, it does not scratch and absorbs up to 7X its weight in water.

It is very easy to use, just pass the absorber over your window or glass wall and the water will be removed. A real time saver!

You can find it directly here or by clicking on the image below.