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Éclat Véranda - Renovation of aluminum and PVC joinery


Easily renovate the paintwork of your joinerY with our products.

Over time, subjected to bad weather, snowfall, hail and the blazing sun, aluminium joinery become dull and lose their shine.

For PVC joinery, they will tend to yellow.

Discover our renovation packs to easily restore shine and lustre as in the early days, while ensuring lasting protection.

Because renovation is simple, our products are easy to use 🙂


A new look

Thanks to the technical nature of our products, you can give your joinery a second life and make them look new again!


Saving money

Our solution is a cost-effective alternative to replacing your joinery !


Free delivery

Discover the pleasure of fast and free delivery in Europe for your purchases on the entire site !

The Eclat Veranda paint renovator also allows you to :


Renovate aluminium gates
Renovate aluminium joinery
Renovate yellowed PVC joinery

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